Sampling Definitions

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Performance measurement is to be performed on the selected flights which is accomplished by sampling the flight according to some rules. In this screen, the rules for sampling are defined.


The sampling definitions start by specifying the performance measurement standard. Then comes the airport in which this sampling should be done. The third column is legacy code, which is a handling company defined group according to the flight properties. See legacy code mappings for more information. Then follows the domestic/international property together with the airline. Percent will be used for the flights by that airline in that airport and matching both legacy code and domestic/international properties. An additional checkbox is provided to temporarily enable/disable a sampling definition.


Sampling process starts each night (local time 04:00 am) and according to the definitions here, marks flights to be sampled. The sampled flights can be seen with icon_survey_16 this icon in the main landings screen. Double clicking the icon will open performance measurement questionnaire.