Calculation Templates

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Calculation templates defines the whole schema as recommended in AHM-803 section 5 (AHM 27th edition, Random Sampling).


A calculation template (of a performance measurement standard) is defined between two companies. The first company must be the handling company, but the second company can be either an airline or the handling company (again) itself. A template with the handling company itself defines the standard schema for all airlines, while a template with the airline either defines the standard with that airline only or it overrides some of the sections. target percents etc. of the main template.


It is possible to restrict a template to be applicable for only some airports. If airport is not specified, it means the template is valid at all operational airports.


In the template, the first definitions are the definitions for all the criteria groups and their target success rates. Then comes the criteria and weights of each criteria in the group together with target percent. The excluded field is useful if we want to override a default template and exclude one criteria for a particular airline. Excluded criteria will not add to the sum of weight, hence enabling correct weight calculations.




In the second tab, the criteria calculation formulas are defined. Formula definitions are very much like pricing formula definitions and uses the same architecture. The formula editor and nested if statements can be used.


Celebris will try to satisfy an IF statement following the sequence and previous sequence orders. The calculation formula, which must produce a number between 0 and 100 is then used to calculate that criteria point. The calculated point will then be weighted according to the previous criteria and group weights.


Celebris will automatically calculate the performance each night at 05:00 am. The probable errors that might arise during the calculation (bad formula, no context found, etc.) will be highlighted to the admin user in the questionnaire screen in an additional error tab. The user will be, after making necessary corrections, able to manually trigger the performance calculation himself. The calculations will automatically be both for the default template and for the airline template (if any airline template is defined).