Service Prices

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Service prices tab can only be seen by authorized personnel like the accountants. In this tab, the service prices can be seen. Pressing the ellipsis button will open the pricing agreements due line where the calculation is done using. That way it is possible to track the calculation routes.


Celebris calculates prices for arrival flight and departure flight separately. For a landed context, these prices must match otherwise the system will throw an error complaining the arrival and departure prices do not match, pointing out a potential user input error in the pricing definitions. In this screen it is possible to track both calculated prices.


Roy and Vat check boxes shows whether the calculated prices include royalty and value added tax.


Surcharges are calculated separately using the appropriate surcharge calculation schema defined in the agreement. Surcharge periods are defined using the surcharge period screen. Although calculated separately, when reporting the service prices it is shown as a single price added to the service (or package) price.


The Usr: field is provide so that an authorized user can override the calculated price. This is especially useful in situations where an arbitrary discount needs to be given or where the calculated price is not the desired one whether because of wrong pricing formula (or because of a system bug just in case), and an emergency solution is required.


In Celebris there are different kinds of agreements as described in the agreements screen. Agreement type-4 (which is the agreement of the handling company with itself) defines the handling company's default pricing schema. Celebris calculates real prices searching the agreements in a specific order until finds the valid price (agreement types 1, 2, 3 or 4)  and every time calculates the default price as well (from type 4 agreement) so that comparison reports can be produced: "What would my income be if I charged this airline using my default pricing schema?"


The service price fields for the services that were included in a package and were priced as a package will appear empty at this screen.