Service Form Report

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The service form report (sometimes referred as the cash report) is the price report of -one and only one- service charge form. Let us now see some examples with screen captures. The first one does not include a package:




It is possible to display this report using the following three different pricing formats:


According to Pricing: This format is the most preferred format and uses the pricing rules that are defined by the agreements department in the pricing agreements.
Royalty Excluded: Royalties will be shown separately in detail lines.
Royalty Included: Royalties will not be shown in detail lines. The above screen capture is according to pricing (and the pricing rules are defined as royalty included).


Let's now see the same report this time using royalty excluded format:




As you can see, the summary is the same but this time the royalties are shown in separate lines. In the cross service references, it was previously defined what service causes what royalty. According to these definitions, we see that the handling company (SAM the sample handling company in this example) services of LOP, RMP and TRF causes the airport authority (DHMI in this example) royalties of LOCR, RPMR and TRFR accordingly.


Let us now see an example that includes package prices:




In all of the three formats, the currencies are reported according to what invoice currency is defined in the main agreements. In Celebris it is possible to use any currency.