Services and Packages

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This is where we define the services and/or packages that are in the scope of this agreement.




When a service or package is defined, its apply-context is defined and can be arrival, departure, landed and ground. From this screen, we can mark one service as obligatory using the check boxes at the right side of the screen. Which check boxes are valid to be selected is defined in the service definition screen.


Here, if defined, invoice currency can override what is chosen in the main agreement screen. Invoice unit must be defined and tells Celebris what unit to be printed at the invoice service details no matter what unit was used in the service charge form.


In Celebris a landing can be marked as a technical landing. For example an emergency landing or a landing with the sole purpose of fuel addition etc. Here a technical landing discount can be defined for a service and it is applied as an additional coefficient to the calculated price if the landing is technical.


Commission rate, if defined, can be used in price definitions as an extra variable, which shows the percent of the commission.