Royalty Prices

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Royalties are the services of the airport authority where the handling company is in service. The airport authority gives authorization to the handling company for giving certain services and for granting this authorization, the airport authority company charges the company for certain services each time the service is given.


The royalty services are not true services but service lines to be priced as royalties. They are defined as if they are true services of the airport authority company at the services definition screen (after logging in to Celebris with a user that is defined to be a personnel of the airport authority company). Afterwards, the services of the airport authority and the handling company are matched using the service cross references screen. Whenever a service that was matched to a royalty service is given, Celebris automatically calculates the royalty price for the related royalty services. The airport authority services should be considered as just royalties which are to be calculated and charged.


The royalty prices are calculated using the airport authority company pricing schema. That is, a type-4 pricing agreement defined for the airport authority company.