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Celebris supports the definition of service packages to enable a simpler pricing schema.




A service package is a group of services which are input separately to the service charge form at operation time but are priced and reported as if they are one service.


Each defined package must belong to one particular billing group.


Package details are the services included in this package. Defining a service as a package detail requires the input of unit, maximum quantity, maximum use and maximum duration information as well as choosing if this service is distributable in the package.


It is the price calculation process that calculates prices for each service charge form and during this process the separate services are packed together if they are included to packages at the pricing agreement definition.


Distribute option flag indicates that if an additional single service line which will not be included in the package should automatically be generated by the system for the exceeding amounts of quantity or duration, which are above the maximum amounts defined for that package. This way, the exceeding quantity or duration can be charged separately while the package contents are preserved. If distribute option is not selected, the whole service quantity or duration is excluded from the package to be priced separately when it is out of the limits.


Maximum quantity definition specifies the maximum quantity of that service to be considered within that package. If the total quantity of the service at the service charge form exceeds the defined maximum quantity, the changing process should either exclude this service completely from the package when the service is not marked as distributable, or it should create a separate service line just for the exceeding quantity when the service is marked distributable. The separate service line will be considered as "out of the package" and therefore will be charged additionally.


It is the same for the maximum use criteria and maximum duration criteria. Maximum use and maximum duration is for the services that require time input like the GPU (Ground Power Unit) service. Each new line of this service at the service charge form input screen is counted as one use since the service start and end times are specified separately for each line. For maximum duration, any time a services duration exceeds the defined duration it will be considered "out of the package".


The mandatory field defines which services in this package will be considered as mandatory when this package is marked as "obligatory" at the pricing agreement .


The packages are only applicable for the landing context.