Obligatory Services

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The general purpose obligatory services (not related with a pricing agreement) are defined at this screen in a very flexible manner.




The information at this screen has an AND logic for the input areas. For example, the first data entry at the sample screen reads as : The P/B service is an obligatory service for landings at IST airport at A13 parking area and the aircraft is at a open park position and it is either a transportation, military or general aviation flight, and the flight load type is ferry meaning the flight has no load.


The definition fields include the service context (arrival, departure or landed), domestic/international flight, landed airport, park area in that airport, park position in that airport, aircraft model, airline, representative company, park position type (bridge, open position), flight properties (transportation. military, general aviation), flight load properties (passenger, cargo, combi, baggage and ferry).


Obligatory services are used at preparing the service charge form for the first time. All found obligatory services from either the definitions at this window or the ones that are marked at the initial agreement will be entered into the service charge form automatically.


When an obligatory service does not exist in the service charge form, the system prompts the user to check whether it is a mistake when the service charge form is saved.