Merged Flights Report

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In Celebris, a landings can be created in the following ways:


A landing with one arrival and one departure flight.
A landing with one arrival but no departure flight.
A landing with no arrival but one departure flight.


Although not recommended, sometimes it is preferred by the operations staff to create separate landings for arrival and departure flights (with the purpose of being able to create two different service charge forms). In that case, it is desired to track an aircraft by merging those separately created landings. This report merges separate landings by using the landed airport, aircraft registration number and two hours difference in the blocks on and blocks off times.


This report uses the landings filter. Here is a sample output:




RON means 'rests overnight'. This report is usually retrieved for one full day. If the RON is at the STA column, it means this aircraft stayed at night; if the RON is at STD column, it means the aircraft will depart but on next day (or more).


To illustrate the outcome of this report, let's give an example for the OHY 027 and OHY 074 flights, which can be seen in a single line in the report, are indeed separate landings. Here is a screenshot from the main landings screen for those flights:




So, it can be concluded that this report gives us the look and feel where separate landings are as if single landings.