Landing Outgoing Sita

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This is the tab, where outgoing sita messages can be generated. Celebris currently generates MVT arrival and MVT departure for all flight types, and LDM for passenger air crafts. Future Celebris versions may support the generation of other sita message types.


On the right of this tab, we see details about the generated message. In the first tab, the message in a brief form;




In the second tab, the STX addresses where this message will be sent, one per line, with the option of adding and removing STX addresses as necessary;




In the third tab, the email addresses where this sita message will reach (email sending uses an SMTP server, not the sita message daemon, so saving money) with the option of adding and removing email addresses as necessary;




In the fourth tab, the sita message daemon view of the sita message. Sita message daemon is the software which is used as a bridge between Celebris and sita gateway and must exists for Celebris to be able to send sita messages.


And on the fifth tab, some errors and warnings about the sita message generation is reported.


The sita addresses are first prepared using the user-defined rules. Please see Sita Addresses for more information.