Ground Details

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This is the tab where the ground related information can be input. This is a very flexible screen. The information entered to this screen might either belong to an aircraft, an airline; or might just be a company, a regular non-airline company, information for charging any services that does not need the airline or aircraft context.


First, either the company or the airline information is entered. No matter which one is entered, Celebris inspects the airline-company relations and sets the related entity as well. If the services are given to an aircraft of an airline, the registration number is entered so that the Context variables about aircraft registration details like mtow, seat capacity, etc. will be available at the price calculations. It is possible to override this data at this screen.


All of the input fields at  this screen other than the airport and the company fields are optional. If aircraft registration information is entered then domestic/international. schedule type, flight type, load type and normal/technical flag data is also required to be input.